Uluslararası Ravza Derneği

Service Agreement

Donor www. By using the virtual pos service provided by the bank on the ravza.org.tr website, they will be able to donate in any amount they wish.

Donation Return Conditions

If the donor returns from the donation process within seven days after the donation (transactions exceeding 7 days cannot be canceled or refunded), if the conditions regarding the recovery in Article 295 of the Code of Obligations and other related articles have been met, if the donor requests the return of the donation he/she has made, he/she requests the notification regarding this matter and the return. The situation should be sent to the info@ravza.org e-mail address by stating the donation in a clear and understandable way (date, donation amount, name and other information).

In addition, upon request, documents containing the relevant information belong to the association, Mevlana, 16-17. Shock. No:2, 58040 Merkez/Sivas by post. If the conditions specified by the association are met, the return is accepted and the compensation is made to the credit card/account of the donor or to the account information that he/she has specified.

The return shipping cost of the amount to be refunded is borne by the Donor.

The rights and responsibilities determined by the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer regarding product returns are fulfilled by the donor and the association. Sivas Courts/Execution Offices are authorized in disputes arising from the donation refund process.